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Don't Get Caught Out by Dangerous Goods


Annually, millions of parcels are sent within the UK and to destinations worldwide. While many packages are completely innocuous, a proportion have the potential to pose a health and safety risk and possess security implications. - Freight Management Specialists

There are certain goods that people would identify immediately being a potentially dangerous and it wouldn't be a surprise to find them over a prohibited list. Guns, human remains, meat, living creatures and explosive materials are all likely candidates to belong to the prohibited category with regards to international parcel delivery.

Other prohibited merchandise is perhaps not quite as obvious to recognize. Money, stamps which have not been franked, lottery tickets, wine and aerosols are goods that are prohibited by a few shipping companies. Anyone sending prohibited goods using a carrier, whether they realise it is banned or not, risks having their consignment cancelled immediately.

Some international shipping companies carry items classed as dangerous goods, but often there are a number of conditions attached. You may almost certainly have to pay reduced for sending products which are potentially dangerous and they're going to have to be packed and labelled correctly.

The guidelines differ from courier to courier as well as depend on which country the goods are heading for, and so it is always recommended to seek advice before booking a delivery to avoid inconvenience and disappointment.

Do not be tempted to send very damaging goods without declaring them with the hope they will pass through undetected. You can find major health and safety implications and when for example the item is flammable and you don't realise, you are putting other people in peril.

Customs in every country will differ and thus even if a certain item is allowed, it may need to be labelled in a certain way or come with specific documents. If the documents are not to be able there is the risk the package will be sent back and the international courier is going to be powerless to do anything about it.- Freight Management Specialists

Post by dangerousgoodsshipping (2015-10-01 02:31)

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